Michelle Woodward, multimedia journalist.

Michelle Woodward is a multimedia reporter and producer graduating from UMass Amherst in May 2014. She's looking to explore new places and meet new people in a career that follows her passion for news and storytelling.

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High Schools Split On The Use Of Social Media In Classes

For most of us, social media is a part of our every day lives- at work, home or both. But a lot of people are still figuring out when to use it and how. This is especially true in high school, where many teachers are unsure of how it fits in the classroom.

Women in Tech

According to the company Lady Geek, women account for only 17 percent of the tech industry in the UK. And what's more, this number is actually declining.

UMass Housing Change

UMass residential life has announced that starting next year, rising sophomores will be able to choose their housing first and upperclassmen are no longer guaranteed a spot on campus.


Students put on a flash mob to electronic dance music in front of the Student Union to protest the lack of student involvement in decisions like canceling upcoming EDM Concerts.

As we near the 2012 presidential elections, students talk about what they're looking for in a candidate and who will be getting their vote.

Seth Godin's Linchpin Manifesto inspires TEDxUMassAmherst to #ChangeTheWorld. To find out more about TEDxUMassAmherst or apply for a ticket, check out our website.

You nominated your favorite professors, and we brought them all to one place. TEDxUMassAmherst presents the first professor speaker showcase on November 25th in Flavin Auditorium.


Steubenville coverage shows broader fault in national media

As colleges and universities across the country face complaints about the enforcement of sexual assault policies, media organizations struggle with the balance between privacy and informing the public in a social media environment …

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Farms in Western Mass. benefit from the local food movement

Joe Boisvert of North Hadley Sugar Shack makes a living tapping trees for maple syrup. It's an unpredictable business, and it's impossible for his small, family run farm to compete with big company prices and make a profit. …

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Students save money by choosing community college first

Julie Varney knew she wanted to go to UMass to study journalism, but she didn't know how she was going to pay for it. She received financial aid, but it wasn't enough to cover the high costs. So Varney decided to start at Northern Essex …

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About Me

My name is Michelle Woodward, and I am a senior at the University of Massachusetts studying journalism and marketing. I have a passion for the news and am looking for a career after college that will combine my technical skills with my love of writing and reporting.

During the summer of 2012, I interned on the show Radio Boston at the award-winning public radio station WBUR. There, I learned more about the news and radio broadcasting industry while performing numerous tasks like gathering tape, researching and pitching stories, pre-interviewing and booking guests for our show. After this great internship experience I wanted to continue working on my journalism skills and learning about radio broadcasting, so I chose to participate in a study abroad internship program that would facilitate that. I ended up in London spring semester of my junior year, working at a community radio station on a show called PassWord. It is a weekly, two hour show about current affairs and new technology. Every week, I independently produced different packages and interviews that were aired during the show. I now continue to work in public radio at New England Public Radio in Amherst, Mass. There I report, voice and mix spot and feature-length stories for broadcast.

At school I am very involved in our school's student-run television station, UVC-TV19. I have been a member since my freshman year, working on the news show UMass This Week. I learned how to use in studio and out of studio equipment, and work with other members to film interviews to create a package every week. I have won numerous awards at UVC-TV19, including News Package of the Year in 2011 and Editor of the Year in 2012. I became news director of UMass This Week as a junior, and led the team to win Show of the Year in 2013. This year, I was promoted to co-station manager.

But while my focus is in broadcast journalism, I love to experiment in all types of mediums. I also have experience with photojournalism, data visualization, online and print reporting.


Contact Me

I'm a passionate and determined journalist looking for job opportunities starting in May 2014. If you'd like to discuss a possible position in further detail, please feel free to contact me via phone, e-mail or LinkedIn.

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